Before the Brief

Blog posts   •   Feb 19, 2018 08:32 GMT

It’s often said that agencies who get under the skin of their client’s business are those that excel when it comes to delivering powerful insights that drive meaningful change. Achieving that close relationship, however, can be easier said than done especially in the ad hoc side of the research sector.


Econsultancy- The best digital marketing stats we've seen this week

News   •   Feb 12, 2018 16:24 GMT

UK shoppers turn to smartphones for groceries Shoppercentric’s Stock Take Index, which comes from a survey of over 1,000 Brits, has found a substantial increase in smartphone usage for grocery shopping.


Convenience Store: Surge in discounter shopping amid perceived price hikes

News   •   Feb 08, 2018 14:53 GMT

A sizeable majority (57%) of consumers now use discounters at least once a month for their grocery shopping, up 13% on 2017 figures, new research reveals.


Retail Technology Innovation Hub

News   •   Feb 08, 2018 14:48 GMT

UK shoppers widening their repertoires, Shoppercentric SmartTVs and wearable devices have yet to make an impact on shopping patterns, according to the annual Shopper Stock Take report from Shoppercentric, involving 1,020 UK consumers.


Talking Retail: Consumers widening their shopping repertoires, report finds

News   •   Feb 07, 2018 14:37 GMT

Consumers are becoming more active and widening their shopping repertoires, according to shopper insights consultancy Shoppercentric.


Shopper Stock Take 2018- Trend to little and often shopping 'may have reached ceiling', claims new report

News   •   Feb 07, 2018 14:33 GMT

Shoppercentric’s latest Shopper Stock Take Index finds proportion shifted to little and often has plateaued at 16%.


SLR: Little & often’ shopper numbers level out

News   •   Feb 07, 2018 14:32 GMT

The proportion of shoppers who have abandoned a big weekly shop in favour of shopping little and often has stalled at 16%, according to the 2018 edition of the Shoppercentric Shopper Stock Take Index.


QR codes back in vogue?

Blog posts   •   Jan 12, 2018 16:25 GMT

Five years ago we had our Shoppercentric business cards re-designed, and included a QR code so our clients could easily scan and save our contact details. This was quite a talking point at the time, but over the years the talk became a bit more nostalgic in nature as QR codes dropped off the marketing agenda.


WindowOn...Trust Issues

News   •   Sep 25, 2017 10:08 BST

In our day to day work with clients we’ve noticed a more obvious cynicism among consumers emerging, so we wanted to look at how deep rooted this is, and the degree to which a mindset can drive action.


Shopper Stock Take 2018

News   •   Feb 12, 2018 16:11 GMT

This is the third year that we have conducted our Shopper Stock Take- a chance to add the shopper perspective to the sales results and retail news that invariably fills the media after Christmas.

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